IMG_1143Food makes the mood!  My mom is always telling me that my mood is affected by what type of food I’m eating.  If I am not satisfied I become extremely unpleasant to be around.  However, when I was at the Richtree Taco Truck in the Eaton Centre my mood was definitely positive


Not only was the service amazing but the food as well!  This indoor food truck is home to delicious tacos, burritos, and drinks!  With so many options from the menu it took me a while to choose a meal.  When I asked the cashier all of my many questions about what was in the meals he was very descriptive and was extremely helpful!  I finally settled on beef tacos and a pop!






I cannot put into words how much better my day got when I took my first bite from my taco.  I was one happy camper!  My mood changed from tired and bored to excited and energetic all because of the delicious tacos that Richtree Taco Truck supplied.  Those who haven’t been to this joint are missing out!

Next time you pass through Toronto make sure you make the Richtree Taco Truck in the Eaton Centre your number one destination!

For more information about the Richtree Taco Truck please visit their website at the following link:


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