You know you are working hard when you can’t feel your feet at the end of the day.  All day was rehearsal.  Meeting the choreographer, learning the dance routine, and learning how to stand, walk, and pivot.


IMG_0864Presenting myself well has always been important to me. When walking on stage or even practicing, you must be confident. Today taught everyone how to be confident on stage and in life.



After a long and tiring day of practicing, the girls and I had 20 minutes to get changed for a dinner out in Toronto.  Lone Star Texas Grill was an amazing first dinner outside of the hotel!  Fajitas were served to the pageant girls who were not afraid to dig in a get a little messy.

During the day, when I was able to check my email, I found one that was forwarded from my mom.  A friend of our family sent this to her…

“I read some of Alex’s blog and got to the part about hemochromatosis and it immediately caught my attention. Our daughter has really been suffering and in pain for the past few years and has been to countless physicians and specialists trying to understand what is happening to an otherwise healthy young lady. I told her to look into this as she seems to have many of the symptoms listed for this disorder.  It may amount to just another dead end road for us but thank Alex in advance for bringing it to our attention as it is something no one has mentioned to her or us.”

This almost brought me to tears!  No matter what happens this week with the pageant, I am so glad that I have been able to help spread awareness about Hereditary Hemochromatosis!  If I can help even one person, all my hard work has been worth it!

IMG_0877At the end of the day, I look back and think about what a fantastic day in Toronto it has been! Remember to vote for me at the following website, instructions are on my Facebook.


Written by: Alexandra

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  1. Deborah Storlien says:

    Way to go, Alex – you are doing an amazing job! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and look forward to working with you again at the CHS events 🙂

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