FullSizeRenderI am an animal lover!  Ever since I was little I have always been intrigued by all of the different animals in our world.  Today I was able to have some hand on experience with some of the cutest animals in the world!  Baby lions and tigers!


IMG_1201At the Bowanville Zoo, the girls and I gathered in an arena to pet and took pictures of the newest members of the zoo!  You can tell that lions and tigers are related to cats because of the way they play!  Rolling over each other, clawing, and play fighting are all ways these adorable little animals are like our household pets.

After the ooing and awing at the baby tiger and lion stopped we had time to walk and explore the rest of the zoo.  It may be quaint but there were animals out being walked and fed.  This zoo has up close experience to animals which makes it different from all of the other zoos!  Leaving the zoo was extremely hard for everyone because we loved the animals so much!

IMG_1146Our next destination was the Richtree Taco Truck in the Eaton Centre!   Delicious tacos or burritos were served to the girls and I.  What a treat!  The tacos were delicious and I would’ve hone back for seconds if we had enough time.

The last event for the night was the Medieval Times!  Never have I ever seen pageant girls eat with their hands and cheer for the best knight!  This medieval feast was delicious and entertaining!  If I ever end up in Toronto again I am definitely going back!


IMG_1193The day started off with a quick breakfast followed by rehearsals.  After the group finished the dance for the final night I was exhausted!  What better way to wake yourself up than to be inspired?  Our guest speaker, Mindy, was here today to teach us about inner beauty.  I truly felt moved by her, she is an amazing speaker.  Mindy will be judging the pageant on the final night.

FullSizeRender-2On to hair and makeup!  Watching the makeup artist complete my makeup was incredible!  The amount of detail she put into my makeup made me feel special.  I looked stunning!  I was very impressed with my hair as well because the hair stylist knew exactly what I wanted.

Both physically and mentally I prepared myself for the preliminary judging.  I was going to be the very first delegate on stage and I wanted to make to the judges’ mouths drop to the floor.  I became extremely nervous when I was backstage.  I felt like I wasn’t prepared even though I had practiced my hardest!  While I was up on stage I became relaxed.  The audience applauded, awed, and cheered which made me feel on top of the world.  All of my nerves that I was feeling befor the show had vanished!  I felt at home on that stage!  I am glad that there will be other nights where I will be able to be back up on that stage, because I think that I’m addicted to it!FullSizeRender-3

Tomorrow is another big day for me so please continue checking in for more blogs about my day! Thanks!


Written by: Alexandra

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