“Mentors give you perspective, sponsors give you opportunities” -Cate Huston.  I am very grateful for the help my sponsors have provided.  I would like to take this opportunity to recognize and give credit for what they have done for me!

My very first sponsor was TJ from Aneca Photography.  She took photos for both the provincial and the national competitions.  She is truly an amazing photographer and an amazing role model!  I admire her work and I am so honoured to have worked with her.9536-web9765-web9244-web






photo (1)I would like to thank Todd Rattee with “Provin’ It” wear who helped me fundraise for Cardiac Kids at the provincial competition.  I sold homemade cookies, hand knitted scarves and Provin It t-shirts and raised  $1100 for Cardiac Kids!!

IMG_0982A great addition to my sponsor team was CaroleAnne Sluchinski from Mirror Image Decals & Signs.  She and her daughter Renee were eager to sponsor me with my very own Miss Teenage Spruce Grove banner! IMG_1107I have been able to use the banner for multiple events.  For example, the Farmers Day Parade, the many Hemochromatosis Society booths, and at the two silent auctions for Free The Children!  Having Renee and CarolAnne sponsor me for this has been extremely helpful, thank you Renee and CarolAnne!

IMG_1158 (1)Zender Ford was another one of my generous sponsors!  They kindly donated a Mustang convertible for me to use during the Farmers Day parade!  Not only were we able to use the mustang for the parade but we were able to keep it for the whole weekend!!  I think that I might be sold on that car and would buy one for myself one day!

Finding a dress for nationals was not easy.  We spent countless hours of shopping online, in the mall, and at any other store with the word ‘dress’ in the title!  Finally, at Ethos Bridal in West Edmonton Mall I found the perfect one!  The owner generously sponsored us so we only paid a fraction of the cost! Thank you so much Ethos Bridal!!

For my Free The Children fundraising, businesses from around Spruce Grove generously donated items toward my silent auctions.  They were a huge success!  I’d like to thank the following businesses for donating:  Chatters, Second Cup, Canadian Brewhouse, The Beer Hunter, Gold Medal Costumes, Jack’s, Spruce Grove Flowers and Gifts, Perks Coffee house, State & Maine, Cheesecake Cafe, M&M meat shops, McDonalds and Safeway, Michelle’s Tupperware.

Thank you again to everyone who has helped me on my quest to Miss Teenage Canada!

Thanks for listening, stay tuned for more fun blogs!

Written by: Alexandra

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  1. Tj Aneca says:

    I would sponsor you anytime Alex! You are such a great role model to my daughters. Good luck with the upcoming pageant! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

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